Infrastructure for connecting to HR accounts

Allow employers to connect ATS, Payroll and HRIS accounts to your app.

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NewCraft linking systems

This application uses NewCraft
to link to your HR system.

  • Secure: Transfer of your information is encrypted end-to-end.
  • Private: Your credentials will never be made accessible to this app.
  • Permissions: You are sharing hires made via our referral, offers and headcount.
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The only universal API for HR data

Made for developers.

Instantly access dozens of HR systems through one universal connection

Retrieve resolved, standardized data from each connection

Use our drop-in module to enable users to authorize private, secure connections to their data

Use Cases

Allow employers to connect their org chart to your app for smoother onboarding.
Help customers better manage headcount, salaries, taxes and more.
Enrich employer data to better administer benefits.
Enable customers to instantly sync jobs, candidates, and hires with your app.

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