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API for Employee Data

Connect with products like WorkDay, ADP, and Greenhouse
using a single API.

The data warehouse for employee data

You can think of us like Segment, but for employee data.

Use Cases

Our goal is to accelerate development in the HR tech space.
Allow HR leaders to connect an entire employee roster at once for benefits administration.
Generate personalized courses for each employee.
Automatically send invites to new hires.
Offer personalized benefits and financial services.
Make interviews, job offers, and more simple for all.


Built for developers, by developers.
Connect to 20+ employee systems in minutes.
We do the plumbing required to resolve data into a standard format.
Drop the authenticator into any app with a single script.

Ready to get started?

Get up and running with NewCraft Connect and the API in minutes.

Open Source

Visit our SDK and quickstart app on GitHub.


Everything you need to know to start building.

5000+ hours saved in business development and engineering time.



  1. Unlimited data sources
  2. Unlimited API calls
  3. Universal connection
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Build the future of employment

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