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NewCraft provides developers with the tools they need to build seamless HRIS data experiences for their customers.

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  • Secure: Transfer of your information is encrypted end-to-end.
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  • Permissions: You are sharing hires made via our referral, offers and headcount.
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The only universal API for HRIS Data

Use our front-end module, webhooks, and standardized API to retrieve data from any HRIS.

Aggregates data across 50+ systems

Resolves and categorizes data into a standard format

Our front-end module is simple, optimized for conversion and fits into whatever you're building

Use Cases & Endpoints

The /hires/get endpoint provides real-time access to applicants, interviews and new employees joining a company. You can also use this endpoint to send candidates to a company's ATS.
The /jobs/get endpoint provides access to standardized job listings and descriptions.
The /org/get endpoint allows you to retrieve various account holder information on file with their HRIS, including company name, description, headcount, managers and employees.
The /payroll/get endpoint allows you to retrieve information pertaining to payroll cost, benefits and deductions.

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